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Age: 6 years old

Sex: Female

Size: Small

Color: Bridle

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Confident

Swifty is a lovely, cute, small, pretty, brindle young lady who is four years old.    Swifty is a confident, outgoing young lady, with a happy go lucky temperament and loves human company and she does love her fuss and cuddles.   She is currently kennelled with a male greyhound but she was previously kennelled on her own before she came to us, but she does seem to enjoy another greyhound’s company.  She is very good on the lead, and loves her walks, Swifty needs some socialisation with other dogs, she is not aggressive but can be quite noisy.  We are in the process of assessing her and working towards socialisation.  She is a good traveller.

We feel Swifty would prefer a busy life where there is lots going on.  She will be fine with children 5+ and visiting children. Swifty would be better homed with someone who has experience of dogs.

We feel Swifty would benefit from someone who has experience of owning dogs

Are you interested in adopting a dog?

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