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Age: August 2016 – two and a half years old

Sex: Female

Size: Small

Color: Black

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Rena is not too confident and she does have her timid, shy and nervous times.  She not familiar with the big world outside but she is getting more confident every day to this new way of life.

Rena is a small, very pretty, black young lady who is very special and she is nearly three years old.  (And as you can see hates having her photograph taken, she is much prettier than she looks).  Rena is just one of those really special little girls. Rena has a lovely temperament but she is quite timid and shy until she get to know you  She needs to be homed on her own as she is happy with her own company and she will need someone who has lots of time,  patience and love to give.  She is very lovable and likes attention, cuddles and hugs. 

Rena is lovely to walk and really good on the lead.  A real pleasure to walk. She is very good with other breeds when out walking with us here.

Rena is kennelled on her own and needs to be homed as an only dog.

Rena is kennelled on her own and needs to be homed as an only dog.

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