Age: 4

Sex: Female

Size: Small to Medium

Color: Brindle

House Trained: yes

Personality: Quite Confident

Lola is a small to medium size young lady, she is very cute, pretty, brindle,  young lady and she is 4 years old. Lola is a little quiet, but happy go lucky with positive outlook on life. She loves cuddles and fuss.

Lola is quite confident and really enjoys human company. She can be energetic and lively, when for example lovely things may be on offer, food and walks, but she can  also be lazy.

Lola is a really good walker, you hardly know you’ve got her on the lead. She is also a very good traveller.

Lola is currently kennelled with a male  greyhound , but she may be kennelled with a female greyhound.  Maybe ok homed alone or with another breed of dog.


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