Age: 4 Years old (DOB Jul 2014)

Sex: Female

Size: Small

Colour: Blue

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Quite timid

Lady is a very small, very beautiful, blue young lady who is four years old.  Lady is a very pretty young lady but she is very shy and as a result has some needs which need to be met by her adoptees to ensure her future happiness.  Because she is very timid until she gets to know you we are looking for a home for her with someone who is at home and not at work and preferably with another greyhound. She will need a quiet home with someone who is used to greyhounds and not left alone for more than four hours.  We would advise that anyone interested in offering Lady a home would need to come and get to know her prior to adoption.

Lady is quite timid and shy will prefer a quiet environment, also needs someone who has got patience and show her lots of love and cuddles. Lady is lovely to walk and very good on the lead.

Lady is currently kennelled with a male greyhound and due to her confidence we think she would benefit from being homed with another dog

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