Age: 4 Years old (DOB: 1/9/14)

Sex: Female

Size: Small

Colour: Blue

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Confident, but can be nervous

Joy is a small, very beautiful, blue young lady who is four years old.  Joy is a very pretty young lady, but she can be timid and shy at times.  Joy is quite a character and can be quite mischievous (if you sing to her she will sing back to you) but also quite shy as well.  We are looking for a special home for her with someone who is at home and not at work and preferably with another greyhound. She will need a quiet home with someone who is used to greyhounds and not left alone for more than four hours.  We would advise that anyone interested in offering Joy a home they would need to come and get to know her prior to adoption.

Joy does love to go for walks and is happy to be around people.  Once she gets to know you she will love to go for trips and outings to new places.

Joy is very choosy about who she likes to live with in terms of other dogs, she is currently kennelled with a male greyhound, but has been kennelled with a female greyhound.  She soon lets you know whether she likes her mate or not.

Joy has been homed previously with another female greyhound but she did suffer from separation anxiety and as a result we would be looking for someone who is not working and that she wouldn’t be left alone for periods of time.

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