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Johnnie and Ashleigh

Age: Both 9 years old

Sex: Male & Female

Size: Johnie is medium to large, Ashleigh is Small

Color: Johnie is White & Black and Ashleigh is Black

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Confident

These two greyhounds are looking for a very special home together.  They have lived together in the same home for the past three years (homed in 2015) but due to personal reasons the owner has asked us to find them a new home.

They are both so lovely, Johnnie is a very handsome, typical boy and quite energetic, Ashleigh is quieter and very sweet.  They are both lively and very fit but are missing being in a house with someone to love them and all the home comforts that a home brings.  I think we would all miss being in a home after three years and having to go back to kennels. Ashleigh in particular has shown real signs of sadness.  They are both house trained and lovely dogs and they really deserve some one to offer them a forever home.

 Johnnie can be quite bouncy but although he can be lively he is also quite gentle.  Ashleigh is more reserved.

Homed in 2015, previous owner has new partner who has another dog and therefore she didn’t want Johnnie and Ashleigh and informed their owner that they had to go!!!!

Johnie and Ashleigh would need to be homes together

Are you interested in adopting a dog?

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