Age: Two and half (DOB July 2016

Sex: Male

Size: Medium to large

Color: Brindle

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Confident

Jeff is a medium size, handsome, special brindle greyhound and he is a real gentleman, and he is just four years old.  Jeff is a really wonderful dog with a fabulous temperament, we call him Mr Happy and cuddles because he loves and wants to cuddle everyone he sees.  He also loves to run around and play so a garden is essential.  He is so gorgeous and he will win any prospective owners hearts away.  He is quite lively but he does have his chilled moments (occasionally), but his main aim in life is ‘please love me’ so in terms of homing he will need to go to a home where people are not out at work because he will not be able to tolerate time spent alone and someone who will play with him and take him on long walks.

Jeff is quite bouncy and loves to gently jump up for a cuddle. It has quite a shock for Jeff as he hasn’t been for walks in the past but he is getting the hang of it now and he is he is excellent on the lead and now really loves his walks.

Jeff is kennelled with a girl. We feel Jeff would be better homed with a female greyhound to keep him company. As he is used to the company of other dogs and he can get quite stressed when he is on his own.  However if someone is at home all time he may be alright homed as an only dog.

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