Age: Two Years old

Sex: Male

Size: Medium/Large

Color: Fawn

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Confident/Chilled

Foxy is a medium/large, very handsome, fawn young man and he is just over two years old.  Foxy is in a home and he will remain in his current home until he is re homed.  As a result, anyone interested in Foxy will have to be prepared to visit him in his current location.  Foxy is a really chilled dog and loves to go for walks (not long walks).   Foxy is used to home life with a family.  Foxy loves his cuddles and is also a bit of a cheeky chap.  Although he is living with a family and children, he would probably be better in a home without children.   He is a lovely boy with a great temperament and he is looking for a very special home.

Foxy is excellent on the lead and loves going to new places. 

Foxy is currently residing in his home so we are unsure as to whether he would want to share with another dog.  The other dog would have to be female.

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