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Age: 4 years old (DOB: Nov 2014)

Sex: Male

Size: Medium to Large

Color: Blue

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Confident

Duke is a lovely, handsome boy. He is a medium to large size, blue boy and is 4years old.  He is a very happy, bouncy dog with a great temperament. He likes the company of another dog.  He has a very happy go lucky outlook on life.  We feel Duke  would be better homed with someone who is an former dog owner.

He can be quite energetic but also has his quiet times.    He can be lazy at times and likes to lie in the sun. Duke loves walking and is good on the lead, he is also a really good traveller, loves to go to new places. 

Duke has been kennelled with a female greyhound and he got along very well with her.  We feel Duke may be fine to live with a female dog or if homed on his own he will not need to be left alone for more than four hours.

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