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Dogs to home

Find the Perfect dog

We’ll help you find the perfect greyhound.

We have some new arrivals in the kennels, full details will be on website asap but if you would like more information please e-mail judith@greyhoundtrusteastmids.org.uk or call 01636 822032

Please note: We try to keep this section of the website as up to date as possible. However, dogs are being homed all the time and new dogs arrive regularly. Please call us for up-to-date information or visit the kennels and meet all our residents ‘face to face’.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Does the Process Take?
Once you’re sure you want to adopt a greyhound and you have selected the right dog for you the process usually takes 10-14 days. Visit our adoption process page for full information
How Much Does Adopting Cost?
The recommended adoption fee is £150.00
Will I need Additional Veterinarian Services?
All greyhounds from our kennels are health checked by our vets and are neutered.

Dental checks and treatment has been carried out if necessary.

All dogs are fully vaccinated and treated for fleas and worms.

When Will I be able to take the dog home?
Once all the necessary checks and home visit have been completed we’ll arrange the adoption date with you.

Dogs to home

Adoption Process

Read more about how the adoption process works

Greyhound Care

Learn more about caring for you greyhound

Homing Enquiries

If you are interested in adopting a greyhound visit the Homing Enquiries page and complete the form.