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Age: 3 Years old (DOB: 18/12/15)

Sex: Male

Size: Small

Color: Black

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Shy

Buddy is a very young, timid and shy little boy, who needs someone special with lots of patience to help him to gain more confidence.  When we first had Buddy we couldn’t coax him out of his kennel but now he is a different dog, he has got to know us here and his confidence has grow, but he still needs someone who can help him further and someone who has experience of dogs.    Once he gets to know you he is quite fussy and loves to be cuddled, but this takes time, hence the request for someone with lots of patience.  It would also need for anyone interested to meet Buddy on several occasions before he could be homed so he could get to know you and make his transition into family life easier.  He is currently kennelled with a young lady and she also gives him confidence.   We feel he would be better homed with another dog but he may also cope as an only dog.

Buddy loves his walks and is good on the lead   He  will enjoy  travelling and love to go to new places. He has been good with other breeds whilst here but we don’t meet many other breeds on our walks.

Buddy would need an experienced dog owner to help build his confidence

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