Age: 5

Sex: Male

Size: Medium to Large

Color: Fawn

House Trained: Yes

Personality: Confident

Ben is a medium to large, very handsome, loving, fawn  greyhound, (with gorgeous eyes) he is 5 years old. He has a lovely temperament but can be nervous, and timid with new people and situations but will relax once he gets to know you. He needs someone special with lots of patience to help him to gain more confidence. Once he gets to know you he is quite fussy and loves to be cuddled, but this takes time, hence the request for someone with lots of patience.  It would also need for anyone interested to meet Ben on several occasions before he could be homed so he could get to know you and make his transition into family life easier.   He loves his cuddles and fuss and will give you unconditional love in return. 

Ben is currently kennelled with a female greyhound and enjoys her company.  Due to his timid nature he will need someone who can give him lots of confidence.  Whether he could be homed as an only dog will depend on any prospective owners.

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