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About Us

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“One of the four Best Greyhound Trust kennels in the UK”

Ivor Stocker, Greyhound Trust Director Racing Post, May 2010

Crossing Cottage Greyhound Sanctuary

Crossing Cottage Greyhound Sanctuary is owned and managed by John and Judith Morton.

Located at Sutton on Trent, just North of Newark and close to the A1, the Sanctuary consists of modern, purpose-built kennels capable of providing a comfortable, temporary home for up to 30 retired greyhounds at any one time. John and Judith have been involved with the Greyhound Trust since 2000 and are approved to run the sanctuary and re-home retired greyhounds in the Nottinghamshire/East Midlands area.

About The Greyhound Trust

A little history

In 1975, a small group of greyhound lovers formed the Greyhound Trust to help secure a bright future for Britain’s retired racing greyhounds. In the early days, the Trust found just a few hundred homes a year through a limited branch network. We’ve come a long way over the last 40 years, and now help over 4,500 greyhounds a year through our volunteer-led branches.