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Greyhound Trust East Midlands

A Greyhound

We are the East Midlands branch of the Greyhound Trust, a national charity that was established to ensure the long-term welfare of greyhounds after retirement from racing. Every year between eight and nine thousand greyhounds, aged from 2 to 6 years, retire from racing and, thanks to the efforts of the RGT, many of them are found new homes with families.

Getting Involved

Help us make a difference

Adopting a greyhound

Greyhounds make wonderful family pets. They are intelligent, lovable, fun-loving, gentle creatures and make loyal companions for people of all ages. Many people think that greyhounds need lots of exercise. But the truth is they are sprinters rather than long distance runners. Two 20-minute walks every day is enough to satisfy them, although they are also happy to go on longer walks.


Not everyone can give one our dogs a home, but we still need your help.
We have a range of sponsorship opportunities that can really help us to help more retired greyhounds.
Looking after greyhounds while they are with us is an expensive business and sponsorship makes it possible to help even more greyhounds.

Visit Us

Opening Times

Sat, Sun 10.00am til 12.00pm

Anyone wishing to visit the kennels out of these times should contact us to make an appointment. 

Come along and get information about greyhounds, chat to current greyhound owners, meet the greyhounds and take one for a walk.

If you would rather visit during the week you could visit the same times Tuesday to Friday or if you wish to come later please call for an appointment 01636 822032

What We do

Finding homes

Our job is to find the right homes for our charges. The dogs we have available can be seen on this site. Come along and get information about greyhounds, chat to current greyhound owners, meet the greyhounds and take one for a walk.

Fostering a Greyhound

Fostering a greyhound can give great joy and happiness and a feeling of satisfaction knowing that you have helped one of these special, kind and loving dogs into a brighter future. Can you offer a temporary home?

Greyhound Care

We have a complete guide on how to care for your greyhound, from when you take them home all the way through to house training, feeding, and what to do as they get older.

Adoption Process

We want to make sure you get the right dog, and the dogs get the right owner. We’ll walk you through the entire process of adopting a greyhound, including introductions and home checks.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our job is to find the right homes for our charges. The dogs we have available can be seen on this site and there is also lots of information about greyhounds and how to look after them. Have a look and then give us a call – or better still come to to the kennels and meet the dogs.

You can follow Crossing Cottage Greyhound Sacntuary on Facebook to find out the latest news from the kennels. 

Get Involved

If you’d like to get involved with the East Midlands branch of The Greyhound Trust, we are always looking for people to help. From helping to care for our residents, or helping to organise events, or to help with fundraising.

Upcoming Events

Crossing Cottage Kennels Annuals Greyhound Show at the Kennels

September 1st 

Registration and entries from 12.00 noon  (entries taken all day throughout the day)

Pause for a cause Happy Dogs Show at Belton House, Grantham

Sunday 8th Septmeber

Sponsored by Pets at Home


Featured Dogs


 Nelson Age: 20th August 2015Sex: MaleSize: Medium to LargeColor: BrindleHouse Trained: YesPersonality: He is quite confident but has his ‘laid back’ moments. Nelson is medium/large, very handsome, brindle greyhound, with a lovely character.  Nelson is 4 years...


 Rena Age: August 2016 – two and a half years oldSex: FemaleSize: SmallColor: BlackHouse Trained: YesPersonality: Rena is not too confident and she does have her timid, shy and nervous times.  She not familiar with the big world outside but she is getting more...

Biddy (Reserved)

 BiddyRESERVED Age: September 2016 Sex: FemaleSize: SmallColor: BrindleHouse Trained: YesPersonality: Biddy is quite nervous ,quiet and timid Biddy is a small, petite, very pretty and beautiful, brindle young lady who is 2 and a half years old.  Biddy is a lovely...


 Sue Age: July 2011 (8 years old)Sex: FemaleSize: MediumColor: BlackHouse Trained: YesPersonality: She is very chilled but doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods of time.  Sue  is a medium, black greyhound and he is eight years old.  Sue is...


 Lady Age: 8/12/15 (3 and a half years old)Sex: FemaleSize: MediumColor: BrindleHouse Trained: YesPersonality: Lady is quite confident and not nervous and can be little too confident with other breeds of dogs and would benefit from some socialisation Lady is a medium...

Jules & Tally

 Jules & Tally JulesAge: September 2013 (6 years old)Sex: FemaleSize: SmallColor: BlueHouse Trained: YesPersonality: Jules is quite confident but not bouncy or boisterous Jules is a medium size greyhound; she is a very beautiful, blue young lady who is six years...